Vegas Three Card Rummy : play Vegas Three Card Rummy for real money

Though it may not be one of the best known games in online casinos, Vegas three-card rummy (especially the type developed by Realtime Gaming) is a fun and easy-to-learn game that allows players to test their strategic skills on the virtual card table. The game makes use of a 52-card standard deck in which each card is ranked according to a set value. The goal is to try and ensure your score is lower than the dealer’s score, once the points have been counted. To do that, you’ll have to use cards with low values, find pairs and make connections according to the game’s set rules. While this may sound a little complicated, the game has very clear rules that, if learnt slowly, are easy to remember.

Vegas Three Card Rummy

To start with, you will need to place a bet, the ante, and you have the option of adding a bonus bet. You and the dealer will each be dealt three of the cards with yours being dealt face-up and the dealer’s being dealt face-down. You then have the chance to review your cards and decide if you want to raise your bet or fold. A fold will result in you losing your wager, but should you choose to raise, which means you’ll have to make a bet that is equal to your original ante, the dealer will reveal their cards.

Now, the game gets really good with the value system. The cards from two to ten are all taken at face value, which means if you have a four, it counts as a four. The jack, queen and king are all counted as tens, while the ace is counted as one. You may be wondering how anyone could keep their points low, when they have to take the cards at face value, but it is possible by connecting cards and making pairs. A pair for example, is worth zero points, so should you have two ‘fives’ for example, the value will be zero, not ten (count the pair, not the individual cards). Additionally, you get zero points for three of a kind, and zero points for a suited run, which basically just means two or three cards of the same suit.

Now here’s the kicker: the dealer will automatically lose if they get a value of 20 or more points. But, if you want to win, you’ll need to think strategically, as matching up the pairs, the runs and more requires some careful thinking. It’s almost like playing a game of poker, but without the same rules or stakes. So how does anyone win when they play this game? Well, like a great game of chess, it helps to think ahead. Consider the cards you’re dealt carefully, map out the potential pairs and suited runs in your head, consider which card you could add to a pair to make three of a kind. Most importantly, it is imperative that you think about what cards you will have remaining once you have made all of your combinations. If what you’re left with totals 20 or more, you might be in trouble.