Triple Twister Slot : Play Triple Twister online slot for real money

If you’re thinking that the game of Triple Twister might be three times more fun than any of the other video slot games you’ve played, you’re right. Brought to your computer screen by the folks at Yebo Casino, the game of Triple Twister has five reels and three rows. What makes the game really special is that it has 50 paylines and that means many chances for small wins every time you play. The game is set in an American farmyard in the midst of a hurricane, or twister, as the folks in the USA refer to it. While in real life, twisters are not a great occurrence and many people hope desperately that they’ll never be caught in one, for the purposes of this game, you will be wishing that you get more twisters than you can handle.

Triple Twister Slot Game - Play Now and win real money!

One of the game’s main features is based on the twister symbol, which is also the wild. Though it will only make an appearance on the third reel, it is a substitute for any other symbols. This means that if you find yourself one symbol short of a winning combo, the twister could be very helpful. Additionally, finding the twister will triple your payout on a winning combination.

The developers of the game, Real Time Gaming, have added an extra little gem to the game. The twister has an extra feature, namely, it expands. Should the twister appear in the middle reel, it will double and even triple itself either to the left or to the right. This means that finding the twister symbol in the middle could lead to more than just one winning combination, even though you only have to make one wager.

The scatter symbol is the weather vane and this is another one you will be pleased to see. When you get three or more of these to appear in order, you will trigger a bonus feature, which is basically made up of nine free spins. Take note though that the weather vane has to appear in the correct order from left to right. The symbols must be consecutive, which means that you will need them to line up next to each other. If you hit on a scatter on reels one, three and five, for example, you won’t be able to trigger the bonus. However, if you find the scatter on reels two, three and four, you’re in luck and the free spins could be yours.

In terms of the jackpots it offers, the game of Triple Twister gives you the chance to win at any time, no matter how much you have bet. You guessed it. The jackpots are random. They are also progressive and there are two of them, one major and one minor. When you play, you’ll also benefit from the fact that the progressives can be triggered even if there are no matching symbols on any of the paylines. When the developers of this game say “random jackpot”, they really mean it.