T-Rex Slot : Play T-Rex online slot for real money at yebo casino

It is said that they ruled the planet thousands of years ago, well before mankind came along, but nowadays, dinosaurs are little more than a part of evolutionary history. In T-Rex, an online slot game brought to you by Yebo Casino, the world of the dinosaurs provides a great place to spend a little cash, a lot of time and potentially, win a lot of money.

A slot game featuring many well-known dinosaurs, T-Rex is based on the king of the dinosaurs, the monster whose name means ‘terrible lizard’. The terrifying T-Rex was a wonder of the dinosaur world given its incredible size, strength and speed and this is a concept that has been used very well in this video slot game, which is one of the top-rated games developed by Real Time Gaming.

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25 lines over five reels give players many opportunities to find the T-Rex, who is the central character of the game and unsurprisingly, the wild symbol. Other symbols used by the creators include plants, volcanoes and other dinosaurs such as the stegosaurus. One symbol that stands out is the egg symbol, which is also the scatter, but some of the strangest sights you’re likely to see on the reels are not the dinosaurs at all. They’re the cards which range from the ten to the Ace. Though these are just fillers, they are a little out of place in this game.

Classified as a game with high volatility, this is one that the chancers will love, especially since riding on a winning streak is a real possibility. If you’re lucky, you’ll hit on the wild T-Rex symbol that can complete any winning combo and will even give you a double payout for that combo. Hit on two or more of the egg symbols on any payline and you’ll trigger wins from one to 200 times what you originally wagered.

On the lookout for a game that has a few special features? This one does. The bonus game offers free spins if you hit on three or more of the egg symbols anywhere on the reels. When this feature activates, you’ll need to choose one of the eggs to be cracked open. Free spins are hidden inside the eggs and as an extra reward during your free spins, any T-Rex symbols that appear will take over the other dinosaur symbols, which means more chances for you to hit that big payout.

As with most of the games offered by RTG, players can also hit on the random jackpot, which is progressive and could activate after any spin. Players may find that this jackpot is not one of the largest offered, but it is just high enough to make a very enjoyable difference to your real money balance. One of the game’s additional fun but surprising features is the T-Rex’s roar. If you happen to have your volume up and you hit on a T-Rex symbol, be sure you prepare yourself for a bit of fright, as the roar is loud and pretty accurate.