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Realtime Gaming generally impresses in the creativity department, amongst others, and with the release of the game Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack, the developer has done it again. The table game, available to play at Yebo Casino, is a unique take on an old favourite and players who try it out will find that if they have played the standard game of blackjack in the past, this game is sure to excite especially considering the chance to get a payout of up to 60 times what you originally bet.

Before the hand starts, players have the option of choosing how many decks they want to play with, either two, six or eight and many choose the latter as this makes for a lower house edge. As with traditional blackjack, the dealer deals the cards and has to stand on 17 or more, and hit on 16 or less. But what makes this game unique is the side bet in which players have the chance to win more money based on certain card combinations.

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As you may have guessed from the game’s name, the aim of the side bet is to match certain suits, but this requires a lot of luck rather than the skill you might use when playing blackjack itself. Once the two initial cards are dealt, players are rewarded for having cards of the same suit and a player who has this type of combination could get a payout of twice what they bet, while if those cards are of the same suit and have a combined value of 11, that payout will be triple the initial wager.

The hand you will want to aim for when it comes to the side bet is a pair of aces of the same suit. Should you be lucky enough to be dealt that hand, you’ll be rewarded with a payout of 60 times your initial bet. Once the side bet results are determined, the main game starts and this is generally a standard game of blackjack that makes use of the same rules as any traditional version of the game.

Some may wonder if this game is a better one to play than blackjack. The simple answer? It depends on how much you are willing to wager to get a reward. This game takes blackjack to a new level and gives you the opportunity to play two games in one, the first based almost entirely on luck and the second on a combination of luck and strategy.

Playing Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack is certainly entertaining and it is quickly becoming a favourite amongst online players around the world. This may be because the rules of blackjack are already so well-known and the game is so well loved, that having a variant of it allows for a new thrill without having to learn new game rules. Then again, the chance of winning a huge amount of money – should you have a little luck on your side – is also a big drawcard, pardon the pun.

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