Red Dog : play the best Red Dog game at Yebo casino for real money

Red Dog is considered to be a type of poker game that is played with a standard deck of cards, but when you play the Realtime Gaming game at Yebo Casino, you’ll notice right off the bat that this game is not at all like the traditional poker games you may have already played and enjoyed. In this game, you don’t compete against other players, nor do you play against the house. Rather, you try to predict the value of a card and you get paid out according to a strict set of rules. This is a game of luck in which you cannot really control anything other than the bets you make.

The game has roots that can be traced back to the early 19th Century when it was relatively popular in America. Now available for online play, the game has retained its popularity because it is really interesting and allows for some pretty impressive payouts, however the rankings and values of cards are a little different to those of a traditional poker game. In Red Dog, the cards from two to 10 are taken at face value, but the jack, queen, king and ace are valued at 11, 12, 13 and 14 respectively. The aim of the game is to predict whether a card that is placed between two others will have a value between those two or not.

Red Dog image

Sound a little confusing? It’s actually quite simple. When the game begins, the dealer places two cards on the table leaving space between them for a third card. Your goal should be to figure out if the third card’s value is higher than the first card but lower than the second, an in-between of sorts. However, cards are unpredictable and that means the first two cards being dealt won’t necessarily be in the order described above. If these cards are consecutive, for example, a four and five, the round is declared to be a push and you get your money back. If the cards have the same value, a third card is drawn. If this third card is the same as the first two, this results in pretty big payouts for you.

In terms of betting, players can raise their bets after the initial ante and before the third card is drawn but strategically, this should only be done if there is a high possibility of the third card having a value that falls between the other two. If the first card is a two, for example, and the second is a jack, the chances of having a third card that falls between the values of these is quite high, so your chances of winning are pretty high too. However, if the first card is a three and the second is a five, the chances of getting a four are low so it’s best to ‘call’.

For first time players, this game may seem a little confusing as it doesn’t follow any of the standard rules of poker you may have seen in the past, however the sense of anticipation each round creates and the speed of the game make it well worth playing.