Pontoon : Play the best online Pontoon game at Yebo casino

Pontoon is a game that at first glance, looks like a spin-off of blackjack and though there are many versions you can play online, the Realtime Gaming variant available at Yebo Casino is ideal for both new and more experienced players. This game is usually played with eight decks of cards (though in this case, it’s just two decks) and is great if you’re trying to win a lot of cash, since the house edge is generally pretty low (if you’re using the best strategy of course). As for the strategy, learning it is quite easy and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have fun while you do it.

The game was once a kind of substitute for blackjack in Australia and therefore is not exactly like the more common varieties of blackjack, but a game in itself. Once the bets are placed on the table, players and the dealer both receive two cards. For the player, these face upwards but for the dealer, they face down, which means you have no way of knowing what kind of advantage the dealer may have before continuing with play. The dealer then checks the cards for a pontoon, which is any hand that has both an ace and a ten. Should you have a pontoon, you’re immediately declared the winner and the hand is done. Of course, should the dealer have a pontoon, they’ll win the hand.

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Just as in traditional blackjack, the face cards are all valued at ten, so a queen and an ace, for example, would be considered a pontoon too. There are other wins for certain card combinations too, such as the five-card trick, which is basically a hand consisting of five cards to the value of 21 or lower. Regular wins, a term used to describe cards with a higher value, in total, than the dealer’s cards, also payout.

At this point, you may be wondering how this game is any different to blackjack. Well, for one thing, there’s the terminology and rather than saying you want to hit, the word you’ll want to use is ‘twist’, which you have to do if the value of your hand is less than 15. Another good word to know is ‘stick’ which is the same as blackjack’s ‘stand’. Rather than ‘doubling down’, you should say you want to buy, which you can do on the first two cards you receive or after you have split a pair. Another reason its different is because of the way the cards are dealt, as already mentioned.

If a situation arises in which there is a push, neither the player nor the dealer wins. However, if both the player and the dealer have a pontoon, the player wins, which is great news for you although it doesn’t happen that frequently. Overall, pontoon is a game that has a lot of charm and should you already be familiar with blackjack, pontoon will be quite easy for you to understand. As for the fun level, the potential to enjoy yourself when playing this game is sky high.