Pai Gow Poker

A speciality game brought to you by Yebo Casino, Pai Gow Poker was invented in 1985 in America. A card game based on Chinese dominos, it is played with 53 cards (one of which is a joker) and is similar to poker. If you consider yourself an old hand at the poker tables, you should have no trouble setting up the wins when playing the casino’s Real Time Gaming version. The joker is one of the most important cards in the same, as it acts like a wild in the same way that certain symbols do in slot games and the game usually has 6 players as well as a dealer.

Pai Gow Poker image

Players begin the game by placing a bet on the table. The minimum bets are set by the casino and as long as you bet that amount, you will have as fair a chance of winning as anyone. Once all of the bets are in, every player gets seven cards and needs to separate them into two hands. One of these is the same as the five-card hand you would use when playing a standard game of poker and is called the big hand (or the high, bottom or behind in some games) and the other is a two-card hand called the small hand (or top, minor or low hand).

The experts say that when you separate the cards, you should always ensure you keep your higher ranked cards in the big hand and the lower ranked cards in the small hand. But this does not mean you have to put only twos and threes in your small hand. What it means is that if you have a pair of fours and a pair of kings, you cannot place the kings in the small hand and the fours in the big hand. So why stick to this strategy? Well, placing your highest cards in the small hand will result in you losing automatically, as this is considered a foul. But here’s the twist. Your goal is to try and get a higher ranking big hand and a higher ranking small hand than the banker, which is not easy, but can be done with luck and a little thinking.

Another rule the experts say you should keep in mind at all time is the number of cards in each hand. If your small or big hands have the wrong number of cards in them (three in the small and four in the big, for example), a foul will be declared. Once your hands are ready to go (or ‘set’) you will need to place them on the table facing down with your small hand closest to the dealer and your big hand further away from the dealer. The dealer will begin to turn the cards over, one at a time, in order to see whose cards are the highest, theirs or yours. Sometimes, a copy hand will be played in which the banker’s hand and your hand will be equal in rank. Unlike other table games, this does not mean a draw, and sadly, you’ll lose your wager if this is the case.

So is the game worth trying? Well, it’s slow which means you’ll be able to make your money last longer. Also, the chances of winning are pretty much the same as they are in blackjack, which is good for you if you enjoy flipping the coin of fate and letting it fall where it may. When you begin playing, ensure you keep your bets low so that you become accustomed to what you need to do. Once you feel comfortable, you’ll find that the game is really pleasant.