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A game many of us have seen on TV and in the movies, craps is played with dice and whether you win or not depends on the outcome of these dice. The game is said to have originated during the time of the Crusades, which means it is one of the oldest games in existence and though it can be played at land-based casinos, many players prefer to take to the internet and play at online gaming hubs like Yebo Casino for an experience that is faster and results in automated payouts. The table has a specific layout and looks a little like a bath tub with a layer of green felt covered in numbers. In land-based casinos, these are the tables you’ll usually see up to 20 people crowded around, but when you play online, the experience is a little more calm and organised.

In the Realtime Gaming version, players roll a pair of dice after making a bet on a certain section of the board. The person rolling the dice, in the traditional sense, is called the shooter. The shooter has to place a bet on either the ‘pass’ line or the line marked ‘don’t pass’, though these names differ on different boards and every round that you play has two distinct phases, namely the come out and the point. To start, players roll the dice and depending on the total, receive a payout or not payout. A roll of two, three or 12 is called ‘craps’ and any players who bet on the pass line will lose their money. A roll of seven or 11, also called a ‘natural’ will yield a win for those who made a bet on the pass line. The shooter then keeps rolling until they get a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten.

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At this point, the second phase of the round will start and the number that was rolled by the shooter in the last phase becomes the ‘point’ or a type of benchmark. If the shooter is able to roll the dice and reveal the same number, those who placed their bets on the pass line will win. However, if they roll a seven, the round is over and all bets on the pass line are lost. Then, a new round begins.

The game is a little on the complicated side and the rules take a little getting used to, but once you’ve played a few rounds, you’ll find that the anticipation of the outcome of the dice and the potential for big wins really makes the game worth it. Players who have never played craps before would be well advised to play for free before laying out their real money bets on the table, just to build a little experience. Players who are very experienced recommend that you always make a pass line bet on the come out roll, as this has a higher player advantage for you. They also say that it makes sense to place two ‘come’ bets too as these will give you more of a fair shot at winning.