Caribbean Stud Poker

With a name like Caribbean Stud Poker, it will be no surprise for you to find out that this table game is one of the most exciting offered by Yebo Casino and Realtime Gaming, with rules that are very similar to the game of five-card stud. However, if you haven’t played poker before, here’s a breakdown of how this game works. One of the major differences between this game and some of the offline poker games you may have seen on TV is that rather than playing against another player, you play against the house.

Played with a normal deck of cards, this game starts with you placing a bet on the table. This is your ante. This can be any amount you like as long as it is the same or higher than the minimum limit at the table, or the same or lower than the maximum limit at the table. When you play, you also have the option to adding a little extra cash to the pot for the chance to win the progressive jackpot and if you’ve played slot machines in the past, you’ll know that aiming for the progressive is always a good idea. The progressive jackpot grows with every player worldwide who plays the game online, and so it could be yours for the taking at any time and make you a lot richer.

Caribbean Stud Poker image

Once your bet is in, the dealer will give you five cards, all of which will face down followed by four cards facing down and one card facing up for themselves. At this stage, be sure to take a good long look at your cards because you’ll need to decide whether to keep playing or to fold. If you choose to keep going, you’ll need to double the amount of your original bet, which is your ‘call’ and you’ll show your cards, all of which have the same values as a traditional poker hand. A straight flush will win but you’re more likely to get a pair, two pairs or a high card.

Then, it’s the dealer’s turn. The dealer will reveal the four cards that were originally face down and will need to have an ace with a king to qualify. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the game is yours but should they qualify, they’ll need to compare the hand they have to yours. If you have the higher hand, you win.

In a traditional game of poker, most professionals state that any hands with cards lower than jacks or queens should be discarded and the player should fold, but in Caribbean Stud Poker, the opposite is true. The professionals advise players in this game to keep going no matter how low their cards may seem, as losing their original bet is much more costly than folding. Also, you should look for the games that have high progressive jackpots which will allow you to win more money in the short-term, if luck is on your side. Most of all enjoy the experience of playing because this game requires a bit of skill in addition to luck and if you enjoy puzzles, it’s ideal for you.