Caribbean Holdem Poker

Caribbean Holdem Poker image

Sometimes referred to as Casino Hold’ Em, the game of Caribbean Hold ‘Em Poker is one in which players vie against the dealer for a chance to win. The game, developed by Realtime Gaming, is played in much the same way as Texas Hold ‘Em but with a few key differences. A modern game that has not been in circulation for very long, players who start up a hand at Yebo Casino will find that there’s a little more strategy involved in this game than in more traditional poker games… and that’s a good thing.

To start off with, players make a bet in order to play the hand, but an additional side bet has to be made in order to stand in line to win the progressive jackpot, which grows and grows depending on how many other players are also making bets on it. Once all of the bets are in, players are dealt two cards and the dealer is dealt two cards after which you have the option of folding or raising your bet. If you call, your cards will be revealed to the dealer and their cards will be revealed to you, after which there’s a payout if your cards were better. For those who think the game sounds a little too close to Texas Hold ‘Em, here’s the big differentiator: the dealer can only qualify to play if they have a pair of fours or cards of a higher value. That means that should they not qualify, you get your ante back no matter what kind of hand you have.

The payout values of the game are also a little different to other types of poker and you’ll find if you consult the paytable that the standard payout for any winning hand that has a value lower than a flush is 1:1. A flush however, will pay you out at a rate of 2:1 while getting a full house will net you a 3:1 payment. Four of a kind, i.e. four cards of the same value, will pay you out at 10:1 while a straight flush (cards of the same suit in ascending order) will pay you out at 20:1. If you’re really lucky and the cards you’re dealt result in a royal flush, which is when you have a ten, jack, queen, king and ace of the same suit, you’ll walk away with a payout of 100:1 which means that betting a mere R10 on a hand could see you walk away with R1 000 in your pocket.

As mentioned, the game also has a progressive which you can win at any time. This is paid out to players who get a royal flush and is pretty much dependent almost entirely on luck. However, many who have played the game recommend focusing more on the main game, in which you should ‘call’ as much as possible. Even cards that seem bad could yield great results though it is always best to keep your bets relatively low unless you have a really excellent hand.