Blackjack, an introduction to card counting

Disclaimer: Yebo Casino management and its staff do not condone card counting in anyway. The information presented in this article is for informational purposes only.

Card counting may have been around for far longer than we may care to admit. This is because all throughout history there have been stories of cheats being thrown out of casinos and even beaten up by casino owners. The first books on the subject where written in the mid 20th century. These books began the card counting craze.

Card counting may be frowned upon by casinos but it is not an illegal activity. This technique will allow players to beat the casino at its own game. However it is essential to clear myths associated with card counting. The first popular myth is that you will win all the time. Another myth is that you will become rich overnight. The truth is that by using card counting strategies you can earn a regular income playing blackjack.

Essential Knowledge Before You Begin Counting

Before you can successfully begin to card count you will need to be familiar with the various versions of blackjack and their rules. This information is essential in determining how favourable a version of the game is to your card counting strategy. The rules you will need to consider include the number of times you are allowed to split, if there is an early surrender option and most importantly on what count the dealer stands on.

You will need to know the basic strategy of the particular game that you intend to play. The strategy is developed from the rules. This means each version of blackjack has its own distinct playing strategy. The strategy will improve your chances of winning thus adding to the effectiveness of your card counting.

Blackjack Card counting

Blackjack Card Counting Techniques

Essentially card counting is just keeping score of the cards that have been dealt and adjusting the way you bet to maximise your returns. This is possible because in blackjack each event/round played has a statistical impact on the next round to be played.

The Hi-Lo strategy as a basic card counting strategy is based on the fact that high value cards benefit the player while low value cards benefit the house. This strategy identifies when the number of high value cards are unbalanced when compared to low value cards. This is done by utilising what is known as a running count technique.

The running count technique involves assigning numbers to sets of cards. Cards with values 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 have a value of +1. Ace, K, Q, J and 10 have a value of -1. All the other cards have a neutral or zero value. You need to start counting from the first card that is dealt. If the count total for all the cards dealt is +1 that means more low value cards have been dealt. This is an easy and straight forward technique.

To determine when it is profitable to place higher stakes, players need to determine the true count. This is done by dividing the running count by the remaining number of decks. Players will have to master the art of estimating the remaining number of decks. The greater the value of the true count the more a player can wager.

Casinos and Card Counting

The casinos institute measures to make it more difficult to count cards. The casinos will increase the number of decks that are used to play blackjack. Usually a shoe is not played to exhaustion. There are limitations in the number of times a hand can be split and restrictions on doubling down. Regardless of these measures it is still possible to successfully count cards and beat the house. To successfully do this, players need to be well skilled in the games strategy. Improve your blackjack strategy playing the various forms of blackjack available at Yebo Casino.