The details on how to uninstall or remove Yebo casino software from your PC is largely dependent on the type of PC you have. In order to remove the software from a windows based PC, Click on the “Start menu” then click Control Panel. Choose Add or Remove Programs and find the “Yebo Casino” program you want to uninstall. Select Yebo Casino and click the Remove button.

For new Windows 10 users simply click on the “Start/Window” icon, then choose settings and then navigate to “System”. Within the system menu on the left you will see a menu item called “Apps and Features”. Select this item and then search for “Yebo Casino” in the list. Once found select the uninstall button.

Should you have any questions or concerns related to our casino software please contact our customer service center. If you are having troubles accessing our games via your web browser please read through our brief article about html 5 and the various browsers that support this technology.