Tri-Card Poker : Play Tri-Card Poker online for real money

Tri-card poker is one of the more modern table games available at Yebo Casino, and was invented just over 20 years ago by a man who wanted to speed up the traditional game of poker, but retain its sense of anticipation. The game has a lot of the same rules as its more conventional counterpart, but rather than just one mode of play, in which you would try to get the best possible hand from your five cards, the game makes use of two modes (or wager types), the ‘ante’ and the ‘play’. Though this may sound complicated, the Realtime Gaming version of tri-card poker is very easy to learn.

The game starts when you make your wager and you have the option of making an ‘ante’ bet or a ‘pair plus’ bet, or both if you’re feeling the lucky. The ‘ante’ bet allows you to play directly against the dealer, while the ‘pair plus’ is independent of the dealer’s hand, and is based rather on how high the value of your cards is (so aiming to get a pair or better should be your goal). Once you have placed your bet, you will be dealt three cards. For the ante hand, you’ll have to decide whether you want to place another bet, which means you’ll have to match the ante on the table, or fold and lose that hand. This is also called the play hand as you need to place your bet in the spot marked ‘play’. Simple right?

Tri Card Poker image

Once the bets have all been placed, the dealer will have a turn to show their cards. If the dealer has a queen, king or ace amongst their cards, they will qualify to keep playing. If not, they will have lost and you’ll be paid a win on your ante hand, and be given your money back if you made a pair plus bet. In the case where the dealer does qualify, they will then need to compare the hand they have to yours. If they have a better hand, they win. If not, you win.

If your pair plus hand contains none of the typical poker combinations, such as a pair or better, it will lose. However, if your pair plus hand makes for an excellent combination, you could win a solid sum of money. The combinations you’ll want to remember (though you can check the guide on the game when you play online) are a straight flush followed by three-of-a-kind, straight, a flush, one pair and a high card (of which an ace is the best). As an added bonus, you could get a bonus for having a hand (either the ante or the pair plus) with a straight or better combination.

Many people who play enjoy this game specifically because it gives them the thrill of poker without the wait, and the advice they offer newer players is to always play a hand that contains a queen or higher card. Should either of your hands not have a queen, it is recommended that you fold.