Set to open its doors in late 2017, Time Square Casino Menlyn Maine is going to be an astonishing casino and entertainment complex that will have something to offer everyone. The Sun International group has stated that it will be moving its successful Morula Sun to Menlyn and changing the name in order to provide those in the area with a premium place in which to relax, unwind and enjoy, and that they will certainly be able to do with a 100-room hotel, a casino with over 2 000 machines and entertainment options galore. Additionally, the group has stated that it will be including a state-of-the-art, enormous arena in which 8 000 people will be able to catch live shows from huge artists, both local and global.

The casino is rumoured to be one of the finest the entire region will ever see and for those who have driven many times to Sun City in order to find a range of games, now they won’t have to. This is going to be the second largest casino in the country and the casino will have 2 000 electronic machines offering slots, video poker and more. For those who love the tables, there will also be 60 of these, with games ranging from roulette to poker, blackjack to baccarat and a few games we don’t see often in casinos. The high rollers will find they have VIP options available too, as will those who need special smoking and playing facilities.

This multi-billion rand casino will be able to offer guests a range of dining and entertainment options too, and even conferencing. Since it is going to be in the heart of Pretoria, those who want to do business will find this a comfortable place to do it, and since the casino’s construction will, and has already, created about 12 000 jobs, it is excellent for the city’s economy. The dining options that will be included have not yet been fully disclosed, but based on the successful casinos within the group, it is likely that the casino complex will include fancy restaurants, ideal for date nights out, as well as family-oriented restaurants, takeaways and bars. Some even say the casino may have a nightclub, to cater to a younger audience.

As for those looking to spend a night out, there will be a hotel that will have over a hundred luxury rooms to cater for guests from all over the globe, including SA. Though there have not been many details released about the hotel’s amenities, there will likely be a spa, a pool and other modern conveniences for guests to enjoy. Those coming into the complex from outside of Pretoria will also find that car hire and transport are no problem and can be arranged, while those from within the area will likely see the spot as ideal for day trips.

The release date is set for the end of 2017, but in the hearts of many players, this is simply not soon enough for this amazing casino to open its doors.