Warning: Your browser is not html 5 compliant

Please note the browser you are currently using does not support html 5. Learn more about html 5 functionality.

You are still able to play all of our top games by downloading the full and complete version of our software, or, alternatively, you can upgrade the existing browser you are using or upgrade your browser completely. Information about each browser is listed below together with details on where to download the latest browsers.

html 5 instructions

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is commonly known as the de facto replacement or alternative browser most users select over the default browser that comes pre-installed. Google Chrome is super fast, very simple, and an extremely secure web browser, constrcuted for the modern web including html5 of course.

Internet Explorer

Support for Internet Explorere is slowly dying and being replaced by Microsofts new Edge Browser. You can more information here about upgrading or installing the new MS Edge Browser: Click Here

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is not as popular anymore however it is still a great alternative to Google Chrome. Download Firefox for free here


The Opera browser is a safe way to surf the web. Download it for free at the Opera Software web site. //www.opera.com/

Apple Safari

For Apple fans you can use their Safari web browser on your Mac computer. Visit the Apple website to download the latest version of Safari: Apple support .