Food Fight Slot : Play Food Fight Slot for real money

Even if you have never had a food fight in real life, you have to appreciate the kind of fun it must be. Now, you can take part in the online video slots game Food Fight, where everyone is a potential winner and there is no need to worry about getting food stains on your clothes. With five reels and just nine paylines, the game of Food Fight is not the typical Real Time Gaming offering, but it does offer a good time to those who play it. With simplistic graphics and the kinds of symbols you’d expect to see, such as the pie slice, pizza piece and plate of spaghetti and meatballs, this game doesn’t require much thinking, so if you’re hoping to pass the time, this is a perfect one to play.

The game caters for both low and high bets, so it is suitable for just about any type of player willing to place any type of bet. In order to win the highest fixed jackpot, you will need to get five of the pudding symbols to line up of a payline. The scatter bonus is accessible if you keep an eye out for the pieces that make up a full ice cream on a cone. The three pieces, which include the cone itself, the vanilla and chocolate ice cream balls and the cherry, will give you an impressive multiplied payout, depending on how much you bet.

Food Fight online slot game - Play Now

If you want to unlock the bonus game, be sure to try and find the pie. As with the ice cream bonus, this comes in three pieces, the crust, the filling and the cherry symbol. If you can find all three on a payline, you’ll unlock the bonus feature and that is where the fun really starts. The bonus game is, you guessed it, an actual food fight where you’ll be able to pick up a pie and hurl it at one of three unsuspecting victims, including the cheerleader, the granny, the rich lady, the nerd and the angry kid. But you’d better aim carefully because, if you miss, the bonus round is over.

The game is, overall, an enjoyable one, and the nine paylines make is very uncomplicated and easy to play, which is perfect for the newer players at online casinos. Of course, if you’re hoping for the latest graphics and incredible sound, this game won’t be able to deliver on that, which is okay if you keep your eye on the impressive money to be won. From the fixed wins to the progressive, this game has a few tricks up its payout sleeve that may surprise you.

When it comes to the progressive, consider this: even if the idea of a virtual food fight doesn’t get you excited, the jackpot probably will, because at last count it was sitting at almost R10-million. But if you want that cash for yourself, you’d better get to Yebo Casino quickly to start playing before someone else it wins it out from right under your nose.