European Roulette : Play the best European Roulette for real money

A standard game of European roulette may seem a little dull considering the many variants there are out there, but when you start playing at Yebo Casino, you’ll notice that this Realtime Gaming game has a number of intricate details, smart strategic moves to make and potential wins that will keep any player, from the newest to the most experienced, entertained for hours. The game makes use of the standard wheel with 36 red and black pockets, each containing a number, and a green pocket that holds a zero. To play, you need to place a chip on the board as an indication of which number you think the silver ball will land on. Predict correctly and you win.

The table has both an inside and an outside betting field and you can bet on either as long as you meet the minimum betting requirement, which you can check on the table itself. Inside bets include the zero and you can place a straight bet, that is, just one number or a variety of others including betting on two, three, four or even six numbers. As for the outside bets, these include betting on specific number combinations, numbers that are high (19 35) or those that are low (1 18), or you can even bet on which colour you think the ball will stop at, either red or black.

European Roulette

One of the special features of European roulette that American roulette doesn’t offer players is ‘en-prison’, a type of rule that allows you to keep your bet on the table for the next round if you have made an outside bet and the outcome of the current round is zero. Of course, even this has its limits and should the ball land on zero again, you will have lost. If the ball doesn’t hit the zero though, you’ll be able to claim your bet back but there won’t be a payout. This rule allows for a really low house advantage of about 1.35%. Please note, while this feature is not yet available on Yebo Casinos version of European Roulette, we are working hard to bring this feature on board as soon as possible.

The experts say that when you play a game of European roulette, you should never bet on the zero or at least, keep any bets on zero really low. Since the chances of getting the ball to land on zero are one in 37, betting on this number probably won’t see a bet come to fruition. However, if it happens, your payout will be really good. It is always best to hedge your bets when you play roulette and bet on a few numbers or on red or black, but this is not a strategy that always works.

Generally, there is no perfect strategy to guarantee a win in roulette. It is a game that is based on luck and though there may be ways to lose less money on the game, there is no way to predict where the ball will fall. What works best is to play a few rounds, either in practice mode or with low bets, and formulate your own strategy that allows you to bet in the way that makes sense to you.