Dream Run Online Slot Review

As you would expect from a game called Dream Run, brilliant prizes abound in this 25-payline, five-reel slot. Hosted by the team at Yebo Casino, this is one game you will not want to miss out on. The ‘Dream’ in this gam’s title refers to the dreamy jackpots, and as for the ‘Run’ portion, that’s all about the game’s theme, which features cars, race tracks and speed. If you have played the game, Green Light, you may notice that this games seems quite similar. This is because Dream Run was developed by the talented folks at Real Time Gaming to serve as a sequel of sorts to Green Light.,

So what does placing a wager get you? Well, besides the two progressive jackpots waiting for you at the finish line, this game has a number of great bonus features, including the high-speed bonus round. The wagers start very low, which makes this game really accessible to those players who don’t like to wager much, but they go really high too, so if you’re a big spender who loves video slots, you’ll have no problem wagering high to win high on this one.

Dream Run slot image

The game is filled with racing symbols from the race car drivers to the green, red and white lights. The race car driver is the one you will want to keep an eye on though, because he is the wild. Of course, watching him shouldn’t be a problem, considering he only shows up on the first reel. If he makes an appearance, you can expect to get triple your payout. Here’s the fun twist to this game: the race car driver has an opponent, another race car driver, who is another wild symbol. He will appear on any of the other reels, and if he does, will complete any winning combination.

The scatter symbol, or white light, is a really fun one to hit on too, since, should you find two of these, they will change to the colour green or red. If they change to green, you get extra coins, but if they change to red, you won’t win anything. This process is followed when more than three white lights appear, however, if you get three or more of the white lights to change to green, you will trigger the racing bonus feature. This feature really adds a lot more fun to the game. It brings up a new screen on which you can choose one of five cool cars. Once you’ve chosen, it’s racing time and you get up to 25 free spins for placing in the race. If your car finishes first, second or third, another race will open up, which more free spins for you. If you manage to get to the third race, you’ll be able to add multipliers to your basket of prizes.

The graphics and the sound really add to the feel of the game, and if you’re not feeling very excited before you, you certainly will be once the game is done.