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Video poker games try to outdo one another and with each new release from Realtime Gaming, they just get better and better. This is definitely the case for the game of Double Bonus Poker, brought to you by Yebo Casino, in which players get big payouts. If you have played the game of Bonus Poker, you may already know how it all works with the only difference being that you get double the payouts you would in that game. If not, just know that this game is one in which you get extremely high payouts for creating four-of-a-kind combos and if you hit the ever-elusive royal flush, you could be walking away with 4 000 coins in your pocket.

The game works like any other video poker game you may have played in the past and once you have placed your bet on the table, five cards will be dealt to you all facing up. You need to examine them and determine which of the five you will keep and which you will discard. Once the choice has been made, you are dealt replacement cards for the ones you got rid of and the game will determine whether you have a winning combination automatically.

The combo to hope for is the royal flush of course since it has the highest payout, but finding four of a kind is great too. If you get four aces for example and you’ve made a five-coin wager, you’ll be rewarded with 800 coins. That’s a payout ratio of 160:1, which is a pretty good return on a relatively small investment. Find twos, three or fours to complete this type of combo and you’ll get 400 coins, but only if you’ve wagered five coins.

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Even when the hand is over, it’s not really over. If you have won even a small amount in the round, you’ll be given the choice to double your money or lose it all. The machine will give you the option of choosing a card and should a higher card be chosen automatically, you’ll lose the cash you just won. However, if you pick the higher value card, you get twice what you won.

Strategically, this is a game that is very dependent on luck however there are ways to improve your odds. For one thing, the online video poker experts say that if you want to get the higher payouts, you need to hold on to three or more cards that could lead to a high combo. For example, getting three kings is a brilliant combo in itself with a good payout but finding a fourth king could be extremely beneficial. Logically, it makes sense to keep a combo like that but in the case of a combo in which you may not get a payout, such as a ten, jack and ace of the same suit, you should still keep your cards. You could be sitting on a royal flush, which as mentioned, is the key to a big payout in this game.

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