Technology The Real Winner In Kenyan Elections

Yebo To Positive News: Technology The Real Winner In Kenyan Elections

The Kenyan public went to cast their votes on August 8th. They were voting for their next president. Both the major candidates in the race are proven leaders who have a history in the politics of Kenya. But the elections did not only serve to select the guy who is going to lead the East African state. They were an exhibition of how technology could be used to make the voting process more transparent.


Kenya ElectionsAll the observer missions that were watching the elections confirmed that the process was free and fair. The observers were from many different international organisations. Some of the observer missions where from Africa others from the EU while others were from the Americas.

The observers verified that the technology used for the elections had operated optimally. Unlike the 2013 elections in which the voting equipment malfunctioned. This time around the automated system worked perfectly.

Despite ratification of the voting by UN, EU and the AU there are some sectors of the Kenyan political landscape that believe that the machines malfunctioned. John Kerry, a member of the observer team from Carter Centre and former US Secretary of State encouraged the parties to resolve their issues at the courts.

The Failed Hack

The noise about the elections being stolen is not without substance. Just days before the elections a senior voting technology official was found dead. The corpse had markings that suggest that he was tortured. This is according to information from the New York Times.

Kenya’s main opposition leader Raila Odinga said that hackers used Christopher Msando’s ( the murdered official) credentials to access the servers. The international community is helping to investigate the death of Msando.

At the end, it was verified that the machines were not hacked. The big shot at Kenya’s Electoral commission denied that there was any interference with the system. He did, however, acknowledge that there was an attempt to break in but it was thwarted.

It is always good to know that we can trust machines not be so easily corrupted. What would the world be if people could infiltrate systems willy-nilly? The entire world is moving towards the use of high—end encryption software like used at Yebo Casino to protect the casino and our clients from malicious attacks.