WWE and KFC: A Real Money Partnership

The WWE and KFC are two brands that are widely known. From The lowly coasts of Cape Town to the breathtaking heights of Lesotho the two companies are famous. They have certainly surpassed the status of being popular. As a real money online casino, it is embarrassing to acknowledge that the two are more easily recognizable, even though we reward our patrons with real money prizes.

ric flair KFC's Colonel Rumble

A Rewarding Partnership

It is no secret that KFC and the WWE are in business together. The recent media campaigns by both brands clearly show that the two are working together.

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Colonel Flair

WWE Hall of Famer Ric “Nature Boy” Flair is now the poster boy the KFC brand in more than just WWE circles. The super entertainer become the Col. Rumble when he won the 2018 Colonel Rumble at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event in Philadelphia. This was a classic competition in which WWE stars took to battle in the ring. Each of the contestants was equally deserving of the title in skill, stature and star power. However, the “Nature Boy” was more equal than all the other fighters that night.

The Win

ric Flair winning the KFC Colonel's RumbleIn typical Ric Flair style, the now clearly aged superstar stole the match from right under the noses of The Miz and Rusev. Coming into the match as the last man, the wrestler had a clear advantage. Most of the people did not expect the nature boy to win despite this obvious advantage. The reason was that age was not on his side.

The still cunning “Nature Boy” then went on to pull a fast one on his younger and more athletic rivals to win the match. Thus making him the KFC’s latest Colonel Sanders and a very fitting American hero he is. Yebo Casino wishes Ric Flair all the success as the new Colonel Rumble.