Celebrating Workers Day 2018 at Yebo Casino

The first day of work in the new month, a month that has started with a holiday, is not such a gloomy day. Considering that it is only two more days to the weekend this might not be such a bad month. A couple of punters at Yebo Casino took the opportunity presented by this holiday to start the month on a winning tip. We take this time to congratulate these players.

More than A Day to Play Casino Games

Man holding Mayday bannerIt is an impossible argument since the Holiday is specifically for workers all over the world to take some time to themselves. Time that can be used to do a variety of things.
The most notable thing that happens during the holiday is Worker’s Day celebrations. Employers and employees meet and celebrate their symbiotic relationship. At the social gathering, the two parties get to discuss how to improve working conditions for workers. A lot of other important stakeholders are also present.

The Most Rewarding Casino Games on Workers Day 2018

The magic of real money gambling online allows you to multi-task. This means that you can be attending “official” functions and still enjoy spinning the reels of your favourite slot game at the same time. All the top casino games on offer at Yebo Casino are available to play via mobile smartphones.
During Workers Day it was The Three Stooges that were paying out real money prizes. One player won two mega-sized prizes in the game. The total of the payouts where nearly R10,000. The other game that was giving big rewards on the day was the Coat of Arms online slot. The game paid out a prize of R5,223.
May the rest of May, be just as Rewarding for all real money gamblers at Yebo Casino