What You Keed Know About Word Press

Word Press has become the simplest and modern way of creating blogs and websites. The platform has allowed people to write articles or stories that suite their style and their skills. No one needs to be an internet expert to be using this amazing and user-friendly platform.

Ever since its invention in 2003, the software has been deemed to be a starting point for small business and entrepreneurs. Mostly those in the media and Public Relations (PR) have been using it for decades to promote their skills and business.

Website designers, blog writers and other small marketing companies have made their hustles bloom through the use of Word Press.  The platform enables users to customize their website pages in a manner that suite their policies, branding and style.

Word Press on Mobile Web

Users might get a perception that the Word Press software can only be accessible on the desktop or bigger screens. Well, that is not the case, Word Press is now available to all mobile users of the internet.  The Word Press software isword press mobile designed to work on any form of the device. The dashboard accommodates users so that they can work with the software everywhere they are. It’s just the same thing as how casino players play online slots on the go.


Yoast SEO: Some internet users might be wondering who writes all the content that is flooding on the internet. Well, the use of Yoast SEO plugin by Word Press is such a remarkable craft. The plugin has allowed users to optimize their WordPress sites for search engines on Google and many others.

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Backup Buddy: Having a secure database is one fundamental thing that many businesses who run using the internet would want to secure. Backup Buddy is the right plugin to use so that your database is secure.