Why Relationships Fail because of Money

money and love

Finances have been and still are the major reason why most relationships fail. Even after couples give it their all, after all the blood, sweat and tears have been shed they still walk away.  This article will focus on the reasons why couples split up because of monetary issues.

When He’s not “The Provider”

Watching Steve Harvey’s old video post in regards to financial disputes in relationships. Harvey mentions that sometimes men are ashamed because they can no longer provide for their lady.

The thought of not having a job and his lady earning more than he does, stresses him out. The man’s stress levels also spike up when his woman takes on all monetary responsibilities.

He tends to forget that they are in the struggle together and starts throwing unnecessary tantrums. So much that at the end of the day, the couple decides to go their separate ways.

When Your Partner is an ATM

We now live in a world where both sexes are accomplished, educated and successful. Most men and women do not mind getting into a relationship were their partner earns less. Even if the couple is not at the same educational level, the relationship still works.

However, the issue is when the other half starts taking advantage of the financial imbalance. When they start seeing their partner as an ATM and not their lover. To a point where all that matters in the relationship seems to be money and not love.  That is what leads to the death of a relationship.

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