When Winning is not Everything

We are a competitive species by nature. We compete for everything. From our spouses to the corner office. Probably this is because resources are scarce. Although we strongly believe in preserving both cultural and natural heritage for future generations we also believe that there is no need to fight over these resources as there are enough.

into do list,winThe Earth has lived with Man for longer than any of us alive can possibly imagine, regardless of which theory you believe. Clearly, it is going to be surviving with men for a very long time unless some cataclysmic event occurs. That is why a certain section of scientists believes that there are more than enough resources on the planet for everyone.

Then Came Real Money Casinos

Casinos are one of the strangest phenomena’s on the face of the planet. While mankind is desperately trying to win at everything else. There is one place he is willing to lose. At the casino!
The simple reason for this is the fun. At casinos, whether online or land-based there are now hundreds of different types of games. Billions and maybe even trillions of dollars are traded between the gambling establishments and punters worldwide. But the major reason why the industry is so vibrant is the entertainment it brings.

A Fair Price To Pay

We work hard so that we can enjoy the pleasures that the financial return of the work brings. It is only fair to demand that you get due quality for your money. This is where the casinos got it right.
The aim of the casino is not to bleed you out. If you become bankrupt today another player is lost. Rather the aim of the casino is for you to keep affording to come to the casino for your lifetime.

When you bet a R1,000 and get back R970 it feels like a fair price to pay for the fun. So they hate it when you have a prolonged losing streak. If they could they would probably fix the games to make you win at that stage.
That is why online casinos give back a large amount of their profit back to players as higher Return to Player Percentages. Online casinos have lower operating costs.