What You Should & Shouldn’t Eat With a Stomach Ache

When there is a lot of rumble and war in your stomach it might be very difficult to decide what you can eat. During a stomach ache, you don’t want to see yourself eating the wrong foods and find yourself sitting on a toilet seat.

picture of man with stomach acheAdding to that, your body will need a lot of fluid to keep you hydrated. However, in the event that you have an upset stomach, there are certain foods you can eat for a quick recovery. At Yebo Casino we don’t want to see you lying down on your sick bed whilst you are supposed to be winning real money playing amazing online casino games.

Foods you should eat with a Stomach Ache

Whenever you have an upset tummy it is recommended that you eat something. However, the foods we are going to mention will help you regain your strength in pursuit of regaining your strength.


Ginger is a natural remedy that will effectively heal your stomach. Chewing raw ginger is preferably the quickest way for you to recover. Some also prefer the easier way, whereby they will have ginger as part of their meal. Ginger is also very effective in treating pregnancy-related nausea.


Bananas are not just a mere fruit that we smoothly enjoy. But it plays an important role in our health. The fruit contains a natural antacid and they have been discovered they can ease stomach pains. They also reduce stomach cramps and they can also calm your nerves when you are playing online casino games.

Foods you shouldn’t eat with a Stomach Ache

Moreover, there are certain foods you should avoid eating when your tummy is aching. It’s better to drink water than to eat food that contains a lot of Thai and Indian spices. Above all, as much as we love our orange juice during summer time. Too much of it will also cause a lot of stomach pains depending on how strong your tummy is.