What Happened to Rock Music?

Rock music was once an outstanding genre in the world of music. The genre was amongst the top music genres that were embraced by many music lovers. To this moment and time, it is actually as clear as daylight that rock and roll is now dead.

The diversity in music has led rock music to become a less preference for music lovers. As it stands the days of The Rolling Stone are long gone. This has led to the coming of the newbies such as The Chain-smokers, but the former’s music has failed to captivate in this new school era.

Rock Music
Rock n Roll

The Decline of Rock Music

Music nowadays has turned a new leaf and there is a new breath of life in the music industry. Nowadays the music is all about the brand name and packaging. And it looks like rock music failed dismally to meet the existing trends in music.

Moreover, there is tangible evidence on what music lovers are paying attention to nowadays and surely it’s not rock and roll. This can be vindicated by the Billboard Hot 100. The chart will specify the global trend in the most listened to music. And not to our surprise that rock music has not been making its mark on the charts. That’s how bad the graph has declined for this ancient music genre.

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Above all rock and roll has its moments back in the heydays dominating the music industry, but that train passed a long time ago. The new school is now dominated by genres such as rap, pop and trap music making people forget about the brilliance of the rock stars.