Welcome to December 2018

The days are noticeably longer now, though the nights haven’t really changed that much. There is a feeling that is about. A feeling that is as paralysing as a straitjacket. And it gripped you the moment you realised it is 1 December. Only those who are really numb to the “December effect” managed to avoid swallowing hard. Regardless of who you are, where you are and how life is for you, Welcome to December.

December in South Africa

Pic of South Africans welcome december a month they will be partying

The Rainbow Nation. We could stop right there and everyone one of its children will completely understand what we mean.

Lots of colour, so much colour that even the sounds are colourful. And you know the nation will be painted colourfully as the parties are already lined up. Everyone is ready to have good time, like how only South Africans can.

Then, of course, there is Christmas, already the decorations are up everywhere. It is holiday season and Mzansi is blessed with an extra holiday to help with the festivities. Even the founding fathers knew their children love to have a jol.

December at Yebo Casino

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