The World’s Most Weirdest Geniuses

Have you ever noticed that some people who are geniuses in things they do are actually the weirdest people? The world has been blessed with a lot of geniuses. But in that regards there has been a fine line between being a genius and being mad. Well, we are not in to talk about madness today.  We are all in appreciating the good people who came up with brilliant ideas that have made the world to be a better place. Imagine a great invention like online casino games. However, as much as the world has a lot of brilliant minded people, it is also a sad reality that we were baptised with fire by having weirdest geniuses.

Weirdest Geniuses of all time
Weirdest Geniuses

You might be wondering what we are on about now. Well, let’s walk you through a few weirdest geniuses that have left the world spellbound.

Henry Ford

Well, who knows that Henry Ford preferred eating weeds? You have heard right! Ford would go into the fields and pick up grass under his feet. He would make sandwiches, salad, soup with weeds included in his dish. Henry Ford was one of the weirdest geniuses who believed that a human stomach is like a boiler that needs proper fuel to run effectively. That’s why he prefers weeds in most of his meals.

Gabrielle Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel always carries scissors displayed around her neck. She then noticed one of her models wearing a dress beautifully crafted by another designer. That moment she went on and cut the dress and mentioned that it looked perfect that way. Surely there is nothing else that can sum up weirdness other than this. Just for argument sake, maybe the dress worth real money back in the days.

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