Best Performing CEOs in 2018

During unsettled times, steadiness and constancy are fundamental qualities for people  to be termed as a top ranking CEO’s.  These kind of qualities are profound in various men and women who have carried big companies. This they have achieved by being in the position of the CEO. It is not a walk in the park to lift up a company on your shoulders. The stakes are excessively high. With demands coming from different angles that means there is no room for mistakes.

These people face a plethora of challenges but with the determination and hard work, nothing has been too big for them to handle. Those are real qualities of being a good leader.  This article is not going to name and shame, rather it is going to name and praise the hard work of CEOs in 2018.

It is because of top ranking CEO’s like these, that thousands of people worldwide have stable jobs. Therefore managing to provide bread and butter for their families.

Top Ranking CEOs

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg as one of the top ranking CEO's

Top Ranking CEO’s

The founder of Facebook has made the social media platform to become one of the best communication platforms universally. Facebook has generated a net income of approximately $5.1 Billion in this quarter. This recognized as a major increment from the last time income of $4.99 Billion in the last quarter. A disorganized organization or a CEO who is afraid to make sacrifices cannot achieve this.

Sundar Pichai

Top ranking CEO of Google, Sunder pichai

Top Ranking CEO’s

Google has had many CEOs in its history since it became the Godfather of the internet. Pichai has worked in engineering and product management. He has used his experience as an engineer to be competing with other search engines. In 2017, he was a speaker at the World Internet Conference in China.

His speech led to the transformation of many businesses in China. Many Chinese companiesare now using Google to market their products and many companies have increased sales. This clearly shows how successful Sundar Pichai has made it to the best CEOs of the year.

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