Top Tips to Planning an Amazing African Safari

For most, a safari is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Here, we give you top tips for planning an amazing African safari. So, what should you know before embarking on the trip-planning process? Read on.

How Long Should You Go For?

Africa is a lot bigger than the US, China, and all of Europe combined! You won’t possibly be able to see 10 countries in 10 days. Focus on one country only, with a minimum of about a week and a maximum of 3 weeks.

How About Malaria?

Malaria is very real and very serious. Most sub-Saharan African countries have some level of the disease. However, there are other malaria-free areas. Find out about before booking. Also, talk to your doctor about prescribing some malaria pills.

Do Safaris Make Good Family Trips?

As long as the kids are old enough, yes. Different properties have different age restrictions, always check before you book. We suggest safaris for children aged 8 and up. Safaris can be a bit tiring for kids. There’s a lot of travelling on bumpy roads for hours a day so you might want to find relaxation activities after.

Picture of couple having an amazing african safariPrivate or Group Travel?

Group tours make sense if you enjoy the camaraderie of a group or want an experience centred on a particular passion. 4 and 5-star hotels price on a “per person, per day” basis so there are no cost savings for groups.

If you have the budget or are looking for a more general experience, a private tour is best. It offers you flexibility as you can customize your trip. You will have to hire a private guide or vehicle hire at each property. If not, you will be paired with other travellers. 6 or fewer people are perfect for a private tour.

What to Pack

Always pack light! Most lodges do laundry for their guests so think easily washable fabrics. Carry functional clothing to protect yourself from the wind, the rain or bugs. Don’t forget to carry binoculars and a rechargeable camera to capture those priceless moments. Lastly, you’ll need a smartphone or tablet to play your favourite online casino games using free Wi-Fi available at lodges.