Tiger Woods Masters Win, G.O.A.T?

Tiger Woods Masters win at Augusta has been capped one of the great comebacks of all time. With all the bad publicity stunts that Tiger has been involved. He surely worked his way up to the top to claim the Masters’ title.

It has been a long wait for Tiger Woods to win his 15th major title. 3,954 days of waiting came to pass when Tiger completed all the three round of the game he went on and clinch the silverware.

Not only in online casino gambling where gamblers can defy the odds. Well, the odds were against the Tiger on Sunday. But because he has the real mojo he pulled the greatest comebacks of all time.

Tiger Woods Masters Battle for Glory

Tiger Woods celebrating the masters' win
Woods Masters’ Win

Tiger fought heavily in the battle for the glory. It wasn’t easy as playing online slots at Yebo Casino. Midway through the fourth round, Woods did not lose as champions always do. Champions don’t quit or lose hope they keep on believing. A path came clear for the American and he grabbed the opportunity with both hands and overcame Francesco Molinari.

Is Tiger Woods The Greatest Of All Time?

A lot of people couldn’t place their bets for Tiger Woods to win the Masters tournament. And we are very sure to those who placed their bets otherwise walked away with real money. But the real question now is, is Tiger the G.O.A.T?

Well, after being written out by many when he was plunged out of the top 1000 in 2017. Tiger Woods admitted that he struggled to find his feet to perform at his best level. But after he sought help from surgery specialist Woods he believed he will be the greatest again. And with the performance on Sunday Tiger has surely reached the sky-high again and he has claimed his position. Above all, it is justifiable to say he is the greatest ever!


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