Thor Was Making Sure No Baddies Interrupted The Tennis Match

Thor is the son of Odin. Anyone who has watched a little bit of Marvel comics’ Avengers movies knows this fact. The character introduces himself in that manner every time. However, the demi-god no longer needs any introduction. He has become a household name, a brand unto himself and also put his home, Asgard on the map. Besides his home, Thor’s entire family has become famous because of the exploits of the Super Avenger.

pic of thor at australian open

Where is Thor


The real question is where is Thor not. The Avenger has been in the movies every year for the last couple of years. A natural hit with most of the superhero movie fans the franchise has grown tremendously. Now the character of Thor can be found on a variety of things. This is because he has become so easily identifiable.

To answer the question statement of this paragraph, the last place Thor was seen prior to the publishing of this article was at the Australian Tennis Open. He was present as Federer joined the greats becoming the first guy to win 20 majors.

Thor at The Casino

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