The Weirdest Slot Machine Superstitions

It is a well-known fact that people around the world have superstitions that cover just about everything possible –and slot machines are no exception. Here we will share with you some of the weirdest slot machine superstitions that we have ever heard!

Slot Machine Location

Many casinos used to place their slot machines with the best payout rates near entrances and doorways to attract new players with the sounds of payouts and jackpots. 

Although slots (the machines) are rotated and changed regularly, it is still possible to find those higher frequency machines as you walk in.

Comfortable Playing Position

We promise that we are not making this one up! A frighteningly large number of players throughout time have held the belief that slot machines can actually read players’ minds and know how they are feeling.

What these players believe is that the machines can sense when you are comfortable and will pay out less.

This is obviously not true, though… Right?

New Machines are Gold Mines

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Players will rush to a newly installed pokies machine because of the theory being that these machines are going to be much freer while they settle into regular use, and therefore be prone to more frequent wins. 

Similarly, players also believe that casinos increase the chances of winning to attract players; however, rigging machines like this is illegal. 

Coins with the Right Temperature

A popular myth is that warming up or cooling down your coins before inserting them into the slot will increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. 

While this sounds like a great idea, each spin on the pokies is unique, and the temperature of coins that players insert will not affect the outcome of a spin.

The Best Time of Day or Night

No matter what time of day or night it is, there will always be someone on the casino floor trying to win their fortune. The time of day has a great deal of significance to different players and for various reasons. 

Many players believe the superstition that if a machine was not paying the night before, then their best option is to be at the casino the next morning to collect big. 

Whereas most other players believe that big wins only occur when the casino is at its busiest.

Don’t Touch the Screens

At brick and mortar casinos, it is common to see players touching their machine. By rubbing the screen or tapping on certain symbols, they believe that this makes the machine bring their chosen symbols to a winning pay line on the next spin.

Remember, all spins on the slots are unique and random; the only thing that you are guaranteeing by rubbing your screen is that you will play on a machine with a dirty screen.

Using Your Benefits Card

A popular belief amongst players is that by using your casino rewards or benefits card, you are reducing your odds of winning. Players think that as transactions on the card are readily visible to the casino, they will know the level of wins you have experienced, and adjust the operation of the machine accordingly.  

Again, slots are entirely random, and no two spins are impacted by each other, plus rigging machines like this is illegal, and casinos wouldn’t risk their gaming licence for this.


Many players believe that there is a spiritual connection between said player and their slots. They take this as far as to say that eventually, the slots will provide them with winning pay lines because they have been faithful to that one machine for a significant time.

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