The Top 5 Golf Gambling Games and How to Play

Golfing is experiencing quite the resurgence in popularity largely thanks to an increased amount of exposure being generated by cross-marketing video content. Between the famed matchups of NFL superstars facing off, and highlighting Michael Jordan’s love for golf and gambling this sport is ever-present in the media. In fact, gambling has always been a popular addition to games of golf. We are sharing the top 5 golf gambling games and how to play them. Soon, you’ll be ready to place bets on your next swing on the green!

Why Place Bets on Golf Games?

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Golf is one of those sports where there is a tonne of variables that can affect the way a game goes. At the same time, there are many variables that players can place bets on.

What makes golf gambling games so entertaining is a mix of the camaraderie and the added entertainment value.

But it is not as simple as just saying “bet ya R1000 you hit this shot into the rough”.

Many of these top golf gambling games feel almost like mini-golfing games! Now, without any further delay – let’s bunker down and check out the top 5 golf gambling games and how to play them.

Golf Gambling and Betting Games


Bisque is a straightforward game of golf that changes the way handicaps are used. Players can use their handicap strokes wherever they want, with a max of two strokes per hole.

This works well for players who are familiar with tricky holes on the green because they have to declare they’re using a stroke before the first tee.

At the end of the game, the player with the best overall score wins the predetermined pot.


This is the perfect golf betting game for when there are three players involved, and favourably, it is effortless.

Each hole features three sets of points – five points for the lowest score (best), one point for the highest score (worst result), and three points for the middle score.

Players can all contribute rand to a pot and then at the end of the game payout the pot to players in comparison to their points amount.


The snake golf gambling game is all about improving your putt game. To play snake, players simply need to add some rand to the pot whenever someone makes a three-putt or worse. At the end of the game, the player with the most three-putts or worse must pay the other player the pot value.

It is a simple game, and lets players learn to respect the putt!

Bounce Back

Playing bounce back is a great side bet to play when out golfing. The beauty of this gambling game is that it rewards players who stay zoned in all the way and refuse to give up.

This golf game is easy to organise and play.

Essentially, the game works by rewarding players with a point (which is a designated amount of rand) every time that they swing back from a double bogey (or worse) and score either a par or better on their next hole.

Now, if a player goes back-to-back with double bogeys (or whichever worse outcome), they would lose a point (amount of rand).

All you need to do is settle on the point amount before the game starts.

Let It Ride

This golf gambling game is more targeted towards advanced gamblers and works as a points system for home outcomes. Depending on the quality of your group, you can either start the points off on a par – starting with a bogey is better for beginner golfers.

Attribute a score for holes; a conventional system would be:

  • 5 points for a bogey
  • 10 points for a par
  • 20 points for a birdie
  • 40 points for an eagle

To throw a hazard in the mix, players can choose to bank their points for the end of the hole or ‘let it ride’ and hold their points onto the next hole. The benefit of letting it ride allows players to double their points for the next hole (with the amount doubling for each hole that isn’t banked).

So, letting it ride would mean a par would be worth 20 points on the next hole and so on. But if the player doesn’t manage a bogey or better, then all those banked points are lost.

At the end of the game, the player with the highest point total is paid an amount depending on the number of points that they have over each of the other players. This rand amount would be predetermined.

It can be lucrative if three players are involved and the winner beats each player by ten points, and a point is worth R100 then both other players must pay the leader R1000 each.

Next time you’re on the green with your friends, throw one of these side games into the mix for added competition and entertainment. Good luck!

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