Team Africa Performed Magnificently at the Winter Olympics Besides Getting no Medals

They came, they saw and they conquered, maybe not the podium but the world of the unknown. The odds were literarily stacked against them. As much as many Africans would have loved to place bets on the athletes representing them this was financial suicide. Even the Olympians themselves knew they had really slim hopes of winning medals but this did not stop them from daring to dream. This was the victory that they won for the whole African continent. Allowing its people to imagine the impossible was their greatest victory.

nigeria's winter olympians

No podium finishes for #TeamAfrica

None of the 8 African countries that were represented at the Pyeongchang Winter games managed to win a medal. This is something that most of the athletes and even their supporters knew, however, that did not stop them from giving their all.

The dream was worth more than the gold for most of the first time Olympians. It is never an easy road to the Olympics that is why the determination of these sportspeople is saluted across the entire continent.

For most of the African countries that made it to the winter Olympics, this was not their first time there. South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Madagascar, and Togo had all been to the games before along with other countries which failed to make it this time around. Countries that were new to the games are Eritrea and Nigeria. Even though this was Africa’s largest team to participate in a Winter Olympics for most of the athletes it was their first time at the games.

Winners Nonetheless

There are very few times that you are made to feel like a winner even in the face of dismal failure. Dismal not being the word to that even comes close to the performance by #TeamAfrica. Regardless of failing to win any medals, the team won the hearts of millions of people in Africa and the diaspora. If nothing else these stars won internet fame becoming brands unto themselves because they allow the rest of us to keep dreaming.