Talk Show Hosts Who Lost It on Camera

Talk Shows are the most entertaining and nerve crunching programs. This is because they contain a lot of controversial moments. There are moments in the talk show that the guest can feel interrogated by the host.

However, the most important aspect of a talk show is that the host must remain calm in case a tense argument arises during the dialogue. Meanwhile, we have to keep in mind that talk show hosts are humans too and they have feelings. They might lose the temper during the conversation and cause a lot of drama on camera and in front of the live audiences. There are certain talk show hosts who have the most highlights and who have definitely lost it on camera.

Oprah Winfrey Talk Show

Oprah Winfrey looking angry
Winfrey talk show

Oprah Winfrey’s talk shows were always full of energetic dialogues and most people love her shows. However, things turned sour when she hosted James Frey whose book sold two million copies. Smoking Gun rebuked the chronicle. They claimed that Frey made-up exaggerated details of him being wanted by three states for being an outlaw.

This led to Oprah calling back James Frey to explain himself with what he was being accused as she was angry with the latter.

She later apologised for the way she handled Frey’s matter as she interrogated James Frey in an unprofessional way.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg hosted a discussion on the popular TV talk show The View. There was a panel of ladies who were discussing racism in the United States of America. But the nerves of Whoopi and O’Donnell seemed to have skyrocketed during the conversation. Whoopi lost it after O’Donnell claimed that not only white people are racist. In reality the same can also be said about black people.

That utterance from O’Donnell led to Whoopi’s outburst during the talk show and one of the hosts called for a quick air break of the show.