Yebo Casino Untold Stories In Music

Stories in music that are carried with nices tones. The songs that we listen to are used by artists to be the voice of the voiceless. Some are used to echo the pains of heartbreak. While other songs are used as a cry for help. These are but a few of the untold stories behind the music.

Why Music?

picture with words stories in music Why has music been used as the carrier of such deep and heartfelt messages? This is a very important question to answer. Music is the universal language that is spoken and understood by all. Music is the one device that can bring nations together under one common cause. That is just how powerful music is. And the musicians have taken this power and used it to tell so many stories. They have also used it to narrate various day to day ordeals that are faced by human beings.

To convince you more of the untold stories of music we look at a few songs that were used as a medium for a few messages.

Impilo- Sjava 2017

The song by Sjava echoes about the cry of women abuse. In the song, Sjava pleads with the whole of Mzansi stop violence against women and children. Another message in the song that of letting go and carrying on with life. Sjava says, “Impilo kumel’iqhubeke”

Phumelela- Miss Pru ft Various Artists 2017

Another South African hit song by Miss Pru and several artists. This song that rocked the charts was a fight against xenophobia. The lyrics in the song bring paint a picture of the pain that foreigners have faced in South Africa.

There are many more songs that have so many untold stories. We wonder if part of these many songs one might be chosen by RTG to be a soundtrack on one of their online casino games. It would be amazing to have a slot with a South African track, don’t you think so?