St Patrick’s Day

African descendants celebrating St Patricks dayThis is one of the most popular days celebrated in the Western world and beyond. St Patricks Day is the day that the Irish remember the death of their patron Saint. Several countries with large numbers of Irish descendants actually mark the day with a public holiday. These places include the British Overseas Territory of Montserrat.

The Biggest National Celebration

The Irish Diaspora is responsible for making this religious celebration the biggest national festival in the world. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in many countries including South Africa.

In SA the celebrations include much of the St Paddy’s Day traditions including green beers and “pots of Gold”. The luck of the Irish is said to be high on this day but that is no reason to use the break from Lenten fasting to play casino games. Just play the games because they are fun!

Celebrations in areas with many Irish people like Johannesburg include Street Parties. These are characterized by a lot of green, predominantly Irish food stall and Mzanzi’s top DJ’s entertaining the crowds. Of course, the drafts have to be ice cold.

As the world’s biggest “National Festival”, (it is so big that the Chicago River is Dyed Green) there is bound to be a bit of negativity being associated with the day.people in chicago celebrating St Patricks day by dyeing the river

Top of the agenda are people who are offended by how the day encourages negative stereotyping of the Irish. Then of course, like every other holiday that is big, there is a lot of commercialization. Several people bemoan how the day has lost its real meaning due to the commercialization.

South Africa’s Reply

It is common knowledge that South Africa is Africa’s best reply to globalization taking part on other continents. This is not to undermine our neighbours, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland who are pushing for excellence every day.

South Africa’s very own Benedict Daswa (Born 1946- Died 1990) is on course to become the country’s first Saint. The educator was martyred for refusing to go against his beliefs while he was praying. Pope Francis declared the Beatification of Daswa in 2015.

Hopefully, soon the 2nd of February will be St Daswa Day, a public holiday in the Rainbow Nation. A day that is celebrated by South Africans all over the world by having braais, drinking Castle Lager and Playing the best real money casino games at Yebo Casino.