Sport Stars Promoting Gambling Commercial Advertising

Since gambling is all about real money, there is no doubt why most betting companies are using sports stars for their commercial advertising. Sports stars strive for success and good results in their career. The same thing applies to gambling. That is why we have noticed that many Sport Stars Promoting Gambling in a bid of making real money.

Moreover, most online casinos have offered millions to many sports stars to make sure they sale the image of the casino. We know by now you are already eager and curious to know who these big stars in sport advocating for online casino gambling.

Mike Tyson

Not everyone knows that the Boxing Superstar Mike Tyson is one of the top online casino fans. One of the top class online casinos sealed a deal with the sports superstar. Mike Tyson signed a 15 year deal for the launching of the game related to him. Mike Tyson Knockout online slot with an amazing 5 reels and 20 paylines is there to make you players win real money. It doesn’t come with 20 paylines only, 3D graphics are also available to make your gambling experience exciting.

Cristiano RonaldoPicture of Cristiano RonaldoSports stars and gambling

He is not only known for magnificent soccer skills, rather he has more to offer for everyone. Ronaldo took part in the launching and advertising of PokerStars. He is not only a lover of soccer but he is also keen on playing the game of Poker. Ronaldo did well in making sure that PokerStars reached the limelight. He is quite a brand name himself.

Zlatan Ibrahimović

The deal that he signed with Malta to promote betting in Sweden was accompanied with a lot of rage from his countrymen. But the deal he signed might be one of the biggest move made by Zlatan in promoting and making online casino to be a big name in football.

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