South Africa’s “Whites-Only” Town to Launch Bitcoin

As the world embraces digitalization on a massive scale, South Africa’s own Orania is getting ready to introduce its own digital currency. The exclusive town that is often regarded as the remains of apartheid South Africa is moving with the times and adopting its own digital currency. In a world in which digital currencies such as Bitcoin is dominating the markets, this decision makes sense.

Orania’s Drive for Independence

Orania is a town in the Northern Cape. The town has a population of around 1,300 all of whom are Afrikaners. It is no secret that some of the residents in the town aspire to an Independent Oranian state. This is because it was the central idea behind the move to live in their own community. orania-bitcoinIdeas involving the preservation of the Afrikaner culture have been merged with the desire for self-protection from social ills in post-apartheid South Africa. But statements like “our children are being brainwashed to speak English” from city officials raise eyebrows.

Benefits of Using a Digital Currency

Already the town prints its own currency known as the Ora. This paper money is printed in the town’s own Chamber of Commerce. After every three years, this currency expires. Thus creating a lot of costs for the small town. Both on an individual level and at town administration level.

When the E-Ora goes into circulation there will no longer be a need for the town to print the expiring notes. People will be able to transact using the mobile application. This will result in cheaper transaction costs for both retailers and consumers.

Using Digital Currencies at Yebo Casino

Currently, Yebo Casino only accepts BitCoins as a deposit and withdrawal virtual currency. The currency operates in the same way that all other currencies work. This means people who deposit in that currency will withdraw in the same currency.

Technology is continuing to advance and soon online casinos will be able to support more platforms for deposits and withdrawals. Therefore soon the residents of Orania will be able to play real money online casino games with their digital currency. As South Africa’s #1 online casino we strive to provide convenient online gaming for everyone. Where everyone means within South Africa (Lesotho and Swaziland included), in the SADC region and the rest of Africa.

In Conclusion

Even though this group of people may be seen to be promoting segregation in the Rainbow Nation. It remains their right to live according to their chosen way. However, as the rest of the Rainbow Nation, it is our responsibility to create a country in which even those in places like Orania would want to become a part of. Naturally, this entails copying the good that they are doing. By doing this together we build a better Suid-Afrika. For further information about this article visit CNN.

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