South Africa #77 at 1st Global Robotics Competition

The team of South African teenagers that was representing the country came to number 77 out of more than 150 contestants. This was at the first Global Challenge robotics competition held in Washington, DC, USA. The aim of the competition is to increase the knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) among the students. The tasks at the competition involved having to build robots that could complete tasks related to water resource management. As tasks were completed, points were awarded at each section. The total points accumulated were used to rank the countries.

SA Robotics Competition

The message was clear at the end of the competition. Even before the World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim had said it everyone felt it. These youngsters aged between 15 and 18 are the next generation of scientists that will help the world steer away from poverty.  And Kim made it even clearer when he described how talent and intelligence could not be restricted to gender or race.

Lucky Number 7

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Signaling Hope for the Future South Africans

As much as the competition was supposed to create a level playing field this was not the case. It is in fact nearly impossible for that to happen. The gap between 1st world countries and all the other countries is great.  This is not only because of the resources but also a lack of opportunity.

So even though the South African team came in behind neighboring teams like Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique the team performed better than more than half the representatives including Lesotho. This means that with the right nurturing the South African team will do better at the next event to be held in Mexico City. Check out the full results and rankings of other African countries here