Daily Social Media Hashtags Explained

The use of daily social media hashtags has become a popular way of communicating in the global world.

Whichever social media platform that you fancy be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram hashtags are the best way to link up with people. There are certain hashtags that we will highlight for you to get the real understanding of the trends.

Monday hashtagshashtags

#MondayMotivation- this hashtag is being used to motivate people on social media. People share motivational and inspirational quotes using the above hashtag.

Social media users normally attach an inspirational quote or a picture below this hashtag.  These quotes normally have a positive effect especially when you are experiencing a Monday morning blues.

#ManCrushMonday- there are certain ladies who admire their male counterparts. ManCrushMonday is being used by many girls to show affection to the guys or chaps they admire. They usually attach a photo with the caption #MCM.

Tuesday hashtags

#ChooseDay. Many social media users post pictures or a written status. This is whereby they will be showcasing what they have opted to do on that particular day. Social media users have converted the word Tuesday to ChooseDay. This has brought more fun and a bit of life to this hashtag.

Wednesday hashtags

Since women have their particular day of admiring their male counterparts, Wednesday is the day men pay back the gesture. Despite men using the #WomenCrushWednesday, some women have also used it to appreciate other females.  Some have taken this hashtag and gone beyond to appreciate high profile people.

On the 23rd of August Twitter celebrated 11 years of the sharing of Hashtag with the global community. At Yebo Casino we join hands with Twitter to celebrate their major success which has helped us and others to grow as businesses.

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