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Slot machines have been a popular gambling pastime for decades. Even though a winning payday comes down entirely to the luck of the spin – players have still always loved the feeling of playing the slots.

Unfortunately for the casinos, the newer generations aren’t exactly jumping at the bit to play slots, and it’s led to a revolutionary change being needed.

Casinos don’t want to lose their players. Thus the change towards skill-based slot machines has started – but how do they work? 

What are Skill-Based Slots

These new slot machines are not like the RNG luck-based games that we know from yesteryear. These are new and improved, practically being redesigned from the ground up.

The newer generation of players wants more involvement in the way they play gambling games. Honestly, it is hard to fault these millennials anyway – have you seen the quality of mobile games and consoles? We aren’t talking Space Invader and pong here.

So, these skill-based slots are the casino’s take on improving their ‘baby’ to take on skill rather than just luck.

These games should be based on how well players can play the slot – not how lucky they can get.

Think of them as slot machines that have taken on board some of the elements that have made video poker games so successful.

How Does a Skill-Based Slot Machine Work

a picture of a classic online slot

Above all else, most players won’t notice much of a difference between the newer skill-based games and the traditional spin and win games. They follow the same design, and it’s not like they’ve redesigned the wheel or anything.

The big difference maker is the feature rounds that require skill to win. 

What is excellent about these skill-based slots is that you don’t have to play the feature if you don’t want to. Instead, you can opt for free spins rather than the interactive part.

What are the Skill-Based Games Like

Yes, it can be hard to imagine a simple slot game having an interactive feature – it’s not like they have handheld controllers stuck to the side of machines!

How the games are played is entirely up to the developers. One of our favourites so far is a game based on racing cars – like the South African Grand Prix cars. When players trigger the bonus, they play through the feature to race against other cars.

You match tiles together to give your car a speed boost. This is important because you will get a better payout depending on where you finish in the race!

How Much is Really Skill-Based

Although we are saying that skill-based slot machines are powered mainly by the skill of players – this doesn’t mean that the entire game is focused on your performance.

Both skill and luck are included in the games. There are still decent wins to come from matching up winning symbols, and getting lucky will certainly contribute to any potential winnings.

After all, you still need to get lucky to proc the bonus features!

In those bonus rounds – that is where players can really take advantage of their abilities (or lack thereof) and make some decent winnings.

While we are on that subject, this is a great time to remember that practising playing games with online casinos is an essential habit to get into. This is especially true with skill-based slots as you don’t want to score that feature and then mess it up!

Are Skill-Based Games the Future

If you are reading this article and freaking out a little, let’s slow it all down a bit.

Yes, the future of slot machine games will continue to look more and more alike with the skill-based game. You might not like that, but it is true.

These games are a lot of fun and at the end of the day, whether the new generations are playing or not – slot machines need to keep up with technology, or they’ll fall behind and be obsolete.

Especially with smartphones getting more powerful each year.

Although, this doesn’t mean the good old-fashioned jackpot slots won’t continue to be made. They’ll just have to share more of the spotlight.

We still have the three-reel classic fruit machine games, and they could be considered prehistoric these days!

Don’t fight it – embrace it, man! You might be surprised how much you like the new-school of slot machine games.

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