Most Expensive Shoe Brands for Women

Shoes have become a symbol of professionalism for many women who are in different lines of businesses. Women feel more confident when they are wearing strong, expensive and beautiful high heels.

Wearing the most expensive shoe it’s absolutely life-changing for many women. You might be a lady who does not afford the most expensive shoes.Alexander McQueen But that should not hinder you.

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We have managed to fish out the most expensive one, not only expensive but classy and durable.

Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman started designing shoes at a very young age when he was working in his father’s store. Soon after finishing school he joined the family business in Massachusetts.

In 1994 after he finished the studies he then took over the company. He started designing heels which stole the limelight in the fashion world. Most celebrities purchased the well designed and expensive heels.

The most expensive heels designed by Stuart Weitzman were Platinum and Diamond studded. These heels were worth more than a million dollars. The brand has a record of 3 million dollars and the shoes are made with the most unique and rare materials.

Alexander McQueen Shoes

The brand was founded around 25 years ago after he acquired experience whilst working for the Givenchy Company. The brand name Alexander McQueen is now very popular worldwide producing expensive shoes. The likes of Lady Gaga and other prominent celebrities have adopted the unique shoes he has produced throughout the years.

Manolo Blahnik

His passion for making heels made him design genuine footwear ever since he embarked on his journey in 1968. His brand name has flooded the red carpet with many celebrities making the headlines because of the exquisite shoe.


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