South Africans Prove Shakespeare used Marijuana

A team of South African Scientist from Wits University have proven that William Shakespeare, the best selling fiction author of all time used marijuana and cocaine. The first picture that you get in your head after reading that statement is probably the wrong one. Elizabethan era England was a very different place. Much like today’s leading democracies, medicinal cannabis was a common remedy.

pipes used by shakespear

The South African Journal of Science has the Scoop

Francis Thackeray led a team of scientists from the University of Witwatersrand who proved that pipes found in Shakespeare’s garden had traces of cannabis and Peruvian cocaine. To prove this, the team borrowed more than 20 pipes from the William Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. They subjected samples extracted from the pipes to gas chromatography.
The Results found that up to 8 of the pipes contained marijuana residue. Two of the pipes contained cocaine residue.
Despite these results, all we still have is speculation that the writer used the substances. There are some sections of literature that have always caused speculation about his drug habits but nothing solid enough to amount to anything. All that they show is that someone in Shakespeare’s house was using the drugs. Although the high quality of the drugs suggests that maybe the Bard of Avon was the user.

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There is no doubt that South Africa has some of the best researchers in Africa and indeed the world. This discovery by Thackeray and his team is just one of the instances where South Africans have stepped up and added relevant knowledge to the information pool.
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