Looking at The Rise and fall of Tiger Woods

Tiger has been one of the most brilliant sportspeople of our generation. And the rise and fall of Tiger Woods is still of great interest. He erupted onto to the golf scene with one the steepest rise of all time. At the age of nineteen Tiger participated at the 1995 Masters Tournament. He was the only young lad and to sum it all up he was the amateur among them all.

The following year Tiger Woods came back with a bang. Woods became a Pro and he signed deals with big and reputable brands. He signed for Nike and Titleist. Moreover, in 2000 Tiger won six consecutive PGA Tours. Adding to that, he became the first player to do that since Ben Hogan did it during the 1948 period.

The successes of Woods will always be something many people will celebrate. But the million dollar question is, what led to the falling of the golf icon?Pic showing the raise and fall of tiger woods

The fall of Tiger Woods

The downfall or the fall of Tiger Woods is something that caught everyone with a surprise. A player and a brand ambassador of that calibre wouldn’t just fall from grace like that. Woods experienced a massive fall in 2008. He encountered knee problem but he managed to challenge and win the 2008 US Open

Moreover, things hit a nosedive for the American golfer. He got involved in a car accident when he heavily crashed into a fire hydrant. In 2010 he was flooded with many misfortunes as he lost many deals he signed. These include Gatorade and General Motors.

Furthermore, in 2010 he divorced with his wife Elin Nordegren and his performance in golf decline. In 2017 he went for a spinal fusion surgery and that surgery hindered progress in his career. During that same year, he was arrested for drinking and driving.