A look at Revenge Discrimination

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What is Revenge Discrimination?

Revenge discrimination is often called reverse discrimination in other circles. It is agreed by most of the major dictionaries that this is the act of discrimination against a dominant group. An example is when blind people discriminate against seeing people. A more common and practical example is when a dominant race is discriminated against by a previously less privileged race.

Yebo Casino Freeing the World

Discrimination is never a good thing. All people are the same. Yes, there are some very common stereotypes, some that we may even joke about. But in reality, we are unique individuals even within the broader classification groupings.
The real problem is not in the mindsets of the people. A few a arrests and public shaming usually send the message loud and clear to the majority of the population. Only Die-Hard discriminators remain in very few and secluded areas.judges hummer smsahing discrimination
It is the unnecessary grouping that still exists, maybe as a stop-gap measure to correct historical wrongs, which causes further discrimination. While we need to come to a point where the previously disenfranchised become equal inheritors of the world. We ran the real risk of swinging from a point were majorities and those in power discriminate against the few powerless. To a situation where it is the minorities will discriminate against the majority. Something that South Africa knows too well.
As the top online casino in the country, we would encourage everyone to treat the other person with dignity. Remember our body is just a shell that sometimes hides our true abilities. It is too bad it is no longer cool to use Oscar Pistorius as an example. However he is one person who did manage to show the world that the physical does not matter, it is about the spirit of a person.