What Makes a Good Software Architecture

Generally when gamblers think of a good software what comes to their mind is the online casino games. Well, that’s not exactly the case there are a lot of things that contribute to a good software.

Operating system developers put into consideration a lot of things when they are designing software. Moreover, to our knowledge, there is a lot of software that has been made and some of them have made the world a better place.

However, the million dollar question is which steps are taken by these developers for them to come out with good software architecture? Well, the gambler’s assessment of this question will be reviewed in this article.

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Software Functionality

The operating system must contain the required functionality that will enable it to do what it has been designed to do. That will make it provide the adequate user experience to any individual who will be using it. Functionality will always be a starting point when a developer is creating an application.

The application must be user-friendly this will make it be more appreciated by users worldwide. We take for example; online casino games, they provide players with many options so that they can have joy in gambling. That’s the most important thing about functionality; the application must bring joy and entertainment to the user.


A good application must be reliable to the user all the time. The application might contain all the greatest features. But if it is not reliable to the user then the aforesaid features will become invalid. A reliable application is the one that you are sure won’t let you down.

For instance, you are in the middle of winning real money while playing online slots then the game just crashes. The application might reboot the game but already the player’s morale will be already gone.

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