Proof Reading Tips to be a Better Writer

To become a good writer, one needs to have the skills and you need to be more expressive. But you also need to eliminate mistakes. This can only be achieved if you manage to proofread your work thoroughly. Proofreading can help you realize some of the mistakes you have made while you were writing.

Normally when writers are writing they aim to express their views in a way that the reader will surely understand. But whilst they are doing this, it’s a norm that they make some honest mistakes which they won’t be able to notice. There are certain mistakes such as wrong spellings, grammatical errors and so forth.  This kind of error must be noticeable when you are proofreading your article after writing.

Some writers don’t usually proofread their work. This is because they are too afraid to double check their own work. Sometimes to become a better writer you need to proofread your work so that you become familiar with some of the errors you make.

A cartoon showing two man that is one who is looking for job and as he is reading the paper he comes across where it says i am a booger, and the owner of the paper corrects to say that it is supposed to read that i am a blogger. Poor proofreading skills will cost you even important things in life.

A cartoon showing two men in an interview with a resume that was not proofread

Ask a Colleague to Proofread for you

The reason why some writers don’t like to proofread their own work is that they feel adamant that they have written the correct thing. If any of your co-workers read the article for you they will read it in a more objective manner. By so doing colleagues are likely to come across many errors.

Read Loud

Reading out loud will make you realize a mistake if there is one. If you read loud surely you will find out that something is not sounding right. Either you have missed out the correct verb or a certain word that has killed the whole statement.

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